10 000 hours, diploma project, AHO. Has modern day living become too organized? Do inner city kids and youth have enough freedom in their physical surroundings? Is it possible to dedicate a lot of time to unorganized sports and activities if living in the city centre? These were some of the questions I asked myself while working on the diploma project. It looks to create an urban hangout spot for street based activities and sports in the centre of Oslo.
The central cross shaped path is elevated in relation to the activities which are sunken down. This artificial topography creates a hierarchy and subdivides the plaza into smaller areas and zones. By manipulating the section there is no need for fences or walls. The goal is to create the sense of one big plaza, but at the same time dividing it into smaller and distinct parts where each group can establish their own culture. The colonnade running along the perimeter of the plaza provideds a threshold providing a degree of protection both physically and physiologically for the users while still offering glimpses in to the plaza for the passers bye.

Supervisors: Christian Hermansen
Anders Oskar Kaag Fredriksen
Mats A. Larsen